Life Without Regret

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live life in a way that was pleasing to you and to everyone around you? Don’t misunderstand me, I realize this is probably impossible in the world that we live. People have their own idea about how things should be and this lends itself to a great deal of controversy. Perhaps the best we can do is learn how to live our life in a way that helps others and works best for us. What I mean is, we need to live our life passionately and without regret.

That concept, living life without regret, seems like a foreign idea to many people. Let me assure you it certainly should not be that way. To get there we must move beyond the false belief that it is our responsiblity to make sure the people around us are happy. People are responsible for themselves in that department. If your joy depends on what I do, then you have left me in control of your life. In case you missed it, not having “self-determination” is about as unhelathy as it gets for everyone. This is what we call “co-dependency”. Do yourself a huge favor, grow up and learn to take control of your own life. It’s your train so you might as well drive it!

Once we get past the fear of making mistakes it is possible to move into a realm where each day can be lived with a sense of satisfaction, purpose and genuine fulfillment. Such a life begins when we find our purpose and our place of passion. Only those with purpose and passion live, I mean really live. The rest of humanity slogs along from day to day wondering why they are here and how much longer they will be stuck in the waiting room of life. They think that winning the lottery, getting a promotion or findinng that perfect “someone” will bring things together. What they fail to realize is that untill THEY are “together”, and have a vision of their own, there will always be more puzzle pieces than picture to their life.

Are you ready to cross over into your real life, the one you know you were created to live? If you said yes to that question then let me encourage you, be bold and begin to take a few risks. Get outside your comfort zone and learn what it means to walk the less traveled road. Rekindle the dream that is in your heart and begin to believe things can be different. Allow yourself the pleasure of making decisions and the joy of learning from life’s mistakes. Once you do you will never go back to your old standard. Take it from someone who has lived on both sides of this fence, the grass really is greener on the other side! To quote Jim Cook, a very wonderful man who is now in heaven “it’s amazing what you can do if you’ll only try”. Get out there today and try. You might just be surprised at how wonderful life really is!

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