When Life Makes No Sense

Have you ever experienced something that just came out of nowhere and it rocked your world? This is the kind of thing that you may have been told about, or even read about, but it never crossed your mind that it could, or would, happen to you. These are what psychologists call “seasonal events”. That is, when they happen it either ends or begins a new season in your life and things will never be the same. It could be the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a move to a new place or a hundred other things that enter your life and you are forever changed.

In these events, what actually changes is our personal concept of reality, and how we fit into it. How we process life, and what our part is in the lives of others, provides a basic frame of reference. When that reference point is changed, life changes with it. Be it good or bad, we have to learn how to not only embrace change, we have to learn how  to go beyond it. What I discovered as a consultant in the business and private world, is that those who flourish have learned how to thrive because of change.  This is the key that brought them success at every level and in every season of life.

How we respond to change makes all the difference. Respond well and we will grow, develop new strategies and thrive. Respond poorly, (this is called resisting) and we will miss the opportunities that will be presented through our new situation. It’s the difference between longing for the past, living in the present or looking for the future. To quote a wonderful man of God I know “you’re somewhere in the future and you look much better than you look right now”. Get that concept living inside you and it will shock you how quiclky you will begin to anticipate your next “seasonal event”.

Life makes no sense when we hold it so tightly that it dies from strangulation. Do yourself a favor and begin to let go of the past. Look more to where you are going then where you have been. The real you is somewhere in the future, but you have to embrace change, and enjoy what it brings, in order to get there. The bottom line in all this is very simple.  Any time you sacrifice what you can be on the altar of what you are, you have settled for something much less than what you were created to be.  Go live your life with passion and embrace those seasonal events as a gift. When you do, you will also find out what it means to live your life without regret. This my friends, is what we were made for, and it’s the only way to have a life filled with meaning that positively impacts the lives of others.

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