Finding Real Life In A World Of Change

We are entering the fall season and it is a very wonderful and unsettling time. It is during this shift that we see the ebb and flow of life and are forced to recognized that everything must change. None of us are immune to it no matter what our financial, social or emotional status is.

As I watch the leaves turn color and drop to the ground, something in me begins to better understand how fleeting life really is, and how important it is to drink in every moment. This gift we have been given lasts 80 or 90 years for some. For others it ends much more quickly. Whenever it ends, it is gone all too soon, just like those beautiful leaves in a brisk October wind.

My mother, who is currently 97 and going strong, is a remarkable acception. Her zeal for living, love of people and desire to just be a blessing to everyone has served her well. Though her memory has faded a bit, she is still the same happy, upbeat lady she was at age 40. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with her and hear her speak of the life she has enjoyed and the people she enjoyed it with. I know of few other people who have lived with such a simple but profound impact on so many others.

I asked her not long ago what her secret was and her answer was a wakeup call for me in many ways. It was a very short list pulled together from what she had learned over nearly 10 decades of living life to the fullest. As I considered what she said I made a mental check list of my own to see how I stacked up against her proven standard. I share it now so that you may use it, as I did, to evaluate the kind of life you have and the kind of person you really want to be.

1. Refuse to be offended.
2. Speak kindly and with grace.
3. Pray for others, for family and for yourself daily.
4. Share food, fun and laughter with everyone.
5. Always be a good listener.
6. Always be an encourager.
7. Believe for the best in people and forgive the worst.

Thanks mom! You have always been my hero…. 

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