The Power To Change

The life we live and the reality we live in are not always the same. Over the years I have seen that this occurs at many levels. At times I was convinced life was as I saw it, only to realize later that I needed to reframe how I viewed myself and those around me. I began to understand that what I had experienced in life literally framed things a certain way and predisposed me to specific thought patterns. In the field of psychology this is known as “ET” or “entrenched thinking”.

Our brain is the most amazing organ in the human body. That 2 ½ pound mass of neural matter is the last frontier of unexplored human physiology. It is made up of billions of neurons that interconnect and interassociate in ways we will never comprehend. Amazingly, it does all this through a complex combination of self-producing and self-sustaining physical, chemical and electrical interactions. It can gather and store information, analyze data and assimilate seemingly endless and unrelated facts and produce an elegant solution to the most difficult problem. What we call thinking and emotions are so complex that not even the most powerful supercomputer on planet earth is capable of doing a fraction of what our brain does naturally.

In all this complexity and diversity lies a hidden truth that the Bible uncovered over three thousand years ago. Namely, we are what we think. Proverbs 23:7 says that as a man “thinks in his heart so is he”. In other words how you think, and what you think about within yourself, builds the framework through which you will view all of life. Your thoughts frame your world and literally create the reality you live in. Once you understand this simple revelation it has the power to change everything.

There is power in our thoughts, and that power is released every single day by what we say to ourselves and those around us. However, did you ever consider that your words are actually your thoughts released into the atmosphere? They saturate and permeate your world and change the reality of everyone who hears them. The question you must ask is, “what kind of world am I building for myself and others today?”

In the final analysis, the answer to that question is totally up to you. Like it or not, it’s always been up to you! The world you have, and the world you give others, is built upon the foundation of thought and speech you have established. Now comes the million dollar questions … “Do you want a better life”? If you really heard what was just said, you now hold the key …. so go get it!

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