Life With An Edge

If you have been reading these blogs you many have seen a thread that passes through each in a very specific way. It is there to connect the dots so that you get a fuller picture of what life is like, or can be like, if you want to live it from a prophetic perspective. Sad to say, not everyone desires to live “with” that edge because it also requires that we live “on” the edge.

Life with an edge means life on the edge. There is no escaping it. Such a life can be a very uncomfortable place at times. It means things can be unsettled for us and quite often unsettling for those around us. The hard part is finding the place of tensioned balance where we are able to hear God at any moment and are willing to obey. However, that obedience must be done in such a way that it does not throw everyone around us into the uncertainty of chaotic change. This, my friends, is the hard part for emotionally and spiritually healthy people to walk in.

In essence such a life requires maturity and sensitivity to the leading of the God’s Spirit, not just hearing what the He says. Anyone can learn to hear God. He is speaking continually and always revealing the things of Jesus to the Church. However, the power of those words is made manifest only when they are obeyed in God’s perfect time and with His perfect heart. To obey any other way is to put your sail up in an uncertain wind that blows you and others off course. Few people will thrive in such an environment and fewer still want to be influenced by it.

God-ordained change produced by someone living with an edge, is “catalytic” not chaotic. Such people bring a supernatural peace and order with them when they arrive. Their presence does not add to the distress or insecurity of the situation. It brings a sense of well-being that was not evident a moment before they arrived.

John 14:27 say “peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you…do not let your heart be troubled”. You will know you are living life with a prophetic edge when that is the wake you leave behind as you catch the wind of the Spirit and your boat sails past the lives of others. If you live on the prophetic edge you can be a catalyst for good whereever you may go. Best of all you can leave the world you are passing through a much better place just because you have been there. 

1 thought on “Life With An Edge

  1. The Holy Spirit is a great companion when we invite Him to be.
    That’s all He asks; that’s what He likes.
    Hearing His voice is not the problem for me.
    Obedience takes guts.
    Sometimes I don’t have it, but I’m learning to step off the “edge” more and more.
    What happens next is up to Him.
    I am truly amazed every time.


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