Attitude Of Gratitude

Life for a prophetic people is lived from a frame of reference which is radically different than that of others. Those who lack this spiritual edge encounter life as if it is a series of difficulties to be endured and survived. A prophetic people, however, have the unique ability to see those difficulties which come their way as only temporary. They know each encounter is meant to produce strength and growth in vital areas that may be lacking. In other words, they know God will take what the world, people, and every enemy throws at them and use it to for good.

One of the key differences is that prophetic people do not let momentary afflictions rule their emotions or dictate how good life seems to be. They do not deny the fact that problems come and go.  They simply know any problem that comes their way is much smaller than the God who loves them and watches over them. That makes all the difference. Once you know, I mean really know, He never leaves us or forsakes us we can face anything that comes!

The thing is, one big issue must first be settled. Does God still love you when you really mess up?  Until you can answer that with absolute certainty you will be subject to every wind of disappointment and failure that is common to man. Each day will start and end with that nagging question. You must have a clear answer about His unconditional love or it will hang on you and poison you every waking moment.

One punishment mentioned in the more barbaric ancient cultures of Europe was to strap a rotting carcus to the back of the worst condemned prisoners. They were forced to walk around while the toxins seeped through their skin and slowly poisoned them to death. It was a nasty and painful way to die. Make no mistake about it, the unanswered question about God’s love that may be hanging on you right now will do the exact same thing!  Until you have an answer it will impact your life and poison you in a hundred different ways.

The nation of Israel was God’s first pick as those who were to live as a prophetic people. It was an unusual thing and it moved them way out of their comfort zone. They were filled with faults, sins and rebellion yet God still picked them above all the other people of the earth. This had never been done before and it must have left them with a lot of questions. Why did God pick them and would He change His mind as they continued to fall short of every moral and religious standard He had established?

This, in fact, is the very thing that separates a prophetic people from those who are natural. They believe in the grace and goodness of God even when it makes no sense and is not deserved. It is this radical way of thinking that actually moves them in new directions in the Lord. Without that basic belief every person alive is paralyzed by the knowledge of their own failures, foolishness and frustrations.

What God did for every person on planet earth is summed up in one magnificent statement, “..while we were yet sinners He loved us …”. That good news changed all of history. He loved us first and because of that we can freely love Him back without fear of rejection. He did not love us BECAUSE were good or pure or trying to do what was right. He just poured out His love on us when we were a mess, covered in sin and smelled of death. He did it because it is his nature and He wanted to. If you can get this truth burned into your heart, mind and soul then you can live life filled with gratitude. He loves you every moment of every day and it never changes. That truth has the power to really set you free.

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