“The Indescribable Gift“

In 2 Corinthians 9:15, the Apostle Paul wrote, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” The truth is, many people today have no idea what that gift is, or even why they need it. They think God’s gift is some option they can try on, like a bargain basement coat, and then lay it aside because it does not work for them.

The truth is, the gift He offers is not an option. It’s an absolute necessity that opens the door to peace, and a life filled with meaning. More that that, it establishes direction for this life and provides certainty for the life to come, when this one is over. If you really understood this indescribable gift, you would never lay is aside once you picked it up.

Today’s Propehtic Word: The Gift of God is Jesus. Once you find Him, you will search no more!

“Held In Honor”

Daily Devotion

Hebrews 13:4 says; “Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” What a powerful truth is leveled here that flys in the face of most of the culture today. People live together, have children, and even raise those children withhout ever being married. it is an “alternate life style” that seems to be the norm in our culture. The problem is, it’s not the norm that has been established by God and there is a price to be paid by all who live this way.”…Fornicators and adulterers God will judge.”

God calls sin what it is, and this sin He specifically calls by it’s name; fornication. Those who do this will pay the price for living in rebellion to His established pattern for His creation. When you live by the dictates of your flesh, you dishonor what God put in place, and the normal relationship men and women were to have is destroyed. Because this, the ability to raise healthy children is also destroyed. Living a life of rebellion to God, only breeds more rebellion. Why is the world as it is today? Man has done his own thing for so many years, and all of us are now reaping the harvest of those actions.

Today’s Prophetic Word: Come to God, repent and get married if you are living in fornication. If you will honor God in your marriage bed, and your marriage relationship, then the children you birth will honor Him as well. Fail to do this and you will give birth to rebellion in every area of your life.

“We Will Do”

Daily Devotion

Exodus 24:7 say, “Then he took the book of the covenant and read it in the hearing of the people; and they said, “All that the LORD has spoken we will do, and we will be obedient!”. Isn’t it amazing how the people had an experience with God, and heard the word, and it caused them to declare their obedience to Him. There is something about this kind of genuine encounter with God that changes everything.

Let me suggest to you today that your lack of passion for serving God is rooted in two things. You have not been faithful in reading His word, or had a recent experience where you encountered His presence, and His glory. That is, you don’t know the fear of the Lord. If you desire to have that spark from God spring to life in your heart again, I suggest you begin to seek Him the way you used to. Read His Word. Ask for a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. Pray and wait in His presence. When He comes, you will never be the same.

Today’s prophetic word: Those who seek after Him will find Him, and they will burn with passion for the Living God.

“The Lord Is Good”

Daily Devotion

Nahum 1:7 says “The LORD is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him.” What a powerful comfort in these unsettled times. We might not know what tomorrow will bring, or what the devil may try to dump on us in the days ahead. What we do know is that God never changes. His Strength, His purity, and His life are always there to hold us up in any storm..

If your find yourself struggling to stay steady and be hopeful about the future, remember who He is. He always stands, and we stand in Him, We have hope because our hope is in Him. We have life because He lives forever. We have clarity because He is the truth. No matter what, never forget that you are in Him and you are not alone!

Today’s Prophetic Word: The Lord is good, and His goodness is always directed toward you!

“No Other God’s”

Daily Devotion

When we think of false deity’s and other Gods, our imagination may run to something like the golden calf or the statue that Shadrach Meshack and Abednigo were commanded to bow down to. We may think of candles being lit at the foot of a statue, or wreaths made of flowers being tossed into the Ganges River in India. But in Ex 20:3, where the Lord said, “You shall have no other gods before Me”, He was referring to something much broader.

A god is anything you look to that comes between you and your relationship with the One True God. It occupies your time and rules your thoughts. It might be a spiritual, emotional or physical thing, but it separates you from the Lord. Whatever it is, it has the power to get your eyes off of Christ and on to the natural things around you. Money, power, position, sex, work, people and possessions all have the potential to become a god. The solution to this problem is simple. Anything that draws you away from Christ must be surrendered to Him.

Today’s Prophetic Word: Give your all to the Lord and there will be nothing left to worship another god.

“The Way”

Daily Devotion

Knowing the way is a very important thing in life. Without it, we can take a wrong turn and end up someplace we never intended. Men are notorious for not wanting to ask directions and getting lost along the way. Many times in our ministry travels Esther will say “just stop and ask” and naturally I tend to respond, “I don’t need to, I know where we are …. sort of” . And there you have the makings of another unplanned “adventure”, we will talk about for years. For us it’s fun, but for other things in life it can be deadly.

When it comes to your spiritual life, a wrong turn is nothing to be laughed about. It can side track your walk in God for years, destroy your testimony, and even end the call of God on your life. It’s very serious business! However, Psalms 1:6 says “ For the LORD knows the way of the righteous,..”. How comforting to realize that He really knows the way we are to go, and all we need to do is wait on Him. His word says if we will, He will direct our path. What better place is there to stop and get directions?!!

Today’s Prophetic Word: If you are unsure about your next step… it’s time to wait on God because He knows the way!!!!

“Finding Peace”

Daily Devotion

There are so many people I see now who are clearly not feeling very peaceful. They walk in fear on a sunny, breezy day, in the beautiful outdoors, and still feel unsafe unless they have a mask clamped over their mouth and nose. Hands are constantly being wiped in alcohol based gels, and if someone sneezes, no one says “God bless your”. Now they shield themselves, back away, and look at you as if you have just unleashed a biological weapon of mass destruction. Thanks to the fake news, and ungodly politicians who continually lie, our world has changed. For most, peace is a thing of the past, and they don’t know how to find it again.

Romans 5:1 gives us an answer that has held true for 2000 years. My belief is that it still holds true today. “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”. Peace, real peace, is only found in Jesus. When we are in Him, the world, the flesh and the devil have all lost their power over us. A life surrendered to Christ is give a godly peace that surpasses all human understanding. Nothing that happens can ever take it from you!

Today’s Prophetic Word: The peace you need is not found in a mask, a shot, a bank account or a job. The overcoming peace from God you are after, is only found in Christ.

“What I Do Not See”

Daily Devotion

There are many times when the real issue at hand is not what is before your eyes. That can be a distraction, and take you away from what’s really happening. Quite often the big issue is behind the scenes, like a hidden reef in the ocean of your life. If you’re not aware of how dangerous the waters are, you will happily sail along, only to run aground and be shipwrecked. I have seen this happen to many good people, because they have lost the ability to see what is really below the surface.

In Job 34:32 we read a profound portion of Scripture. It says; “Teach me what I do not see;…”. What an amazing revelation to have! Just being aware that there is a lot you don’t know, can be the very thing that causes you to be more circumspect in everything. When snap judgments and pre-conceived ideas are eliminated, sound judgement will be evident for all to see. That will build the foundation for a happy life that is pleasing to God.

Today’s Prophetic Word: If you take the time daily to wait on God, He will teach you what you do not see. What a great way to live!


Daily Devotion

The promises of God are always sure, and they are filled with life, possibility and potential. They hold the key to an amazing life, and point us in directions we could never have discovered on our own. Once we hear His thoughts about us, everything changes because we know what His heart and mind intend for us to have. Yet, many times, what God promised, never comes to pass. All of it hangs upon one word, and that is, “if”. The “if” clause in every promise is what makes all the difference.

In Exodus 19:5 we see the “if”, in what the Lord speaks to Moses. Here we read; “Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine;”. We can’t get the “then” of a promise, unless we do the “if” of it first! However, when you focus on the “if”, the “then” is sure to follow!

Today’s Prophetic Word: If you want the promise of God fulfilled in your life, then do what He says, and it will happen.

“I Will Give You Counsel”

Daily Devotion

It’s important for us to know how to stand on our own two feet. We need to develop personal strength and stamina, if people are going to trust and believe us, and follow our lead. That being said, there is also a time when we have to know our limitations, and learn the importance of relying on the help of others. Our weaknesses gives others their place and opportunity to shine.

We see this perfect harmony developing in Exodus 18:19. Here Jethro says to Moses; “Now listen to me: I will give you counsel, and God be with you….” In other words, God placed him near Moses because he had wisdom and insight. If we will listen to those God placed around us, they can be a support and strength to help us fulfill what God gave us to do. No one is called to go it alone. However, like it or not, we need others to help us complete what God called us alone, to do.

Today’s Prophetic Word: “The voice of God often comes through those He placed around us. We need to listen to these people.”